Productos La Higuera S.L.


Once upon a time, there was a small family business, located in the village of Almoharín, land of abundant fig trees.

It was in this remote corner of Spain where Senador Valero and Felipa Nieva, husband and wife, came up with the idea of mixing dry figs with chocolate. It was 1989; The Rabito Royale was born, and soon after, so was the Chocohigo, that nowadays are enjoyed by thousands of people all across the world.

A sound commercial success that was quickly patented by the couple, becoming the creators of this delicious and original product. And so was born Productos la Higuera Company....

Nowadays, Senador y Raquel Valero, the founders´ son and daughter lead this company. For over 20 years have made improvements in processes and organization, but have managed to maintain unchanged the original recipe to guarantee the quality and authenticity of Rabitos Royale and Chocohigo.

Rabitos Royale ® 01 Rabitos Royale ® 02 Rabitos Royale ® 03 Rabitos Royale ® 04 Rabitos Royale ® 05 Rabitos Royale ® 06 Rabitos Royale ® 07 Rabitos Royale ® 08 Rabitos Royale ® 09 Rabitos Royale ® 10 Chocohigos ® 01 Chocohigos ® 02 Chocohigos ® 03 Chocohigos ® 04 Chocohigos ® 05 Chocohigos ® 06 Chocohigos ® 07